Zakat Calculator Form - English

The value of Assets for which ZAKAT is payable should be calculated using the following system
S.# Particulars Amount Deduct the following amount from the total value of assets before calculating zakat payable Amount
1. Gold/Silver held for any purpose
(Value including weight of impurities but excluding precious stones)
Loans which are payable
2. Value of land, house, building or shop purchased for sale Value of row materials and goods that are bought on credit
3. Cash in hand, banks or with asy other person as Ammant (Custody) Balance installement of BC which you have already received
4. Receivable Amount (Which are expected to be recovered) on Credit Sales * Salaries of emplyees, and utilities bills for the monthOther
5. Loans which are receivable Liabilities
6. Foregin Currency
(Market Rate on the date ZAKAT is wajib shall be applied)
Last year Zakat (if not paid)
7. Prize Bonds    
8. Amount Recived from Provident Fund
(excluding interest)
9. Amount Received from B.C    
10. Investment as a partner in any business    
11. Amount of saving certificates (excluding interest)    
12. Value of raw materials in factory or shop    
13. Value of goods held for sale    
14. Desposits against Imports (LC)    
15. Insurance Permium paid (excluding interest)    
16. Installements paid against any property (purchased for sale Resale)    
17. Shares (at cost)    
  Total Value Of Assests Total Deduction
*- If the amount is not exprected to be recovered in the currrent year, but is recovered in the following year... Zakat shall be paid
in the year which it is recovered.
Value of Assets
Total Deductions
Net Value of which Zakat is Payable
Zakat Payable
ZAKAT PAYABLE (2.5% of Net Value Of Assets)